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Green Marketing Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Transparency , product stewardship or life cycle management are some of the key hallmarks of any business, especially eco-centric businesses. Ben Grossman, through his guest lecture at Tufts University wants to bring home the point that a business can improve its branding and green marketing by concentrating on the basics.  I had the privilege of guest […]

April 2nd

Al Gore to Reinforce Climate Change Reality in 24 Hours on September 14

What can happen in a day?

A lot, says Al Gore. Catastraphic storms, forest fires, landslides and more. But what can also happen is a ‘Climate Reality Project’, (CRP, formerly Alliance for Climate Protection) that can bring the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream and engage the public in conversation about how to solve it. This project is Al Gore’s latest global campaign to bring the reality of the climate crisis back into focus.

September 12th

Words that ‘Work’: What To Write When Marketing Green

A post by contributing writer Melissa Chungfat. Every single word counts when it comes to marketing. How you package your brand with words and images has a strong influence on how people perceive your company. But before I dive into which words can work for your product or service, always keep in mind that your […]

December 10th

Van Jones Profile: How To Build A Green Collar Economy

I hope that you had the opportunity to read Jennifer Kaplan’s recent post “Van Jones’ Ecopreneurial Vision.” Talk about a man who is working to inspire a nation!

Van Jones has recently surfaced in America’s Shift to Green Living as a strong advocate for the Green Collar Economy. He is the founding president of Green For All, a U.S. organization that promotes green-collar jobs and opportunities for the disadvantaged. He is also the author of The Green Collar Economy, which has been endorsed by Nancy Pelosi, Tom Daschle and Al Gore.

November 25th

Al Gore’s Words Bring Hope For Ecopreneurs

[social_buttons] An op-ed piece in the New York Times, The Climate For Change, by über environmentalist, Al Gore, outlines for President-Elect Obama changes we need to make to both improve the economy and decrease climate change. Much of what he recommends is good news for ecopreneurs. 1…. incentives for the construction of concentrated solar thermal […]

November 9th