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This Intelligent Trip-Planning App Helps You Travel Smarter

Efficient travel, whether it’s across the city or across the country, means getting to your destination using the least amount of money and time, and if you score things environmentally, then it also means contributing the least amount of emissions to our already overburdened atmosphere. There are a number of methods and apps for helping […]

October 10th

Want to Quit Your Job? There’s an App for That

Maybe you’ve been burning the midnight oil getting your startup ready to launch, and you can’t take a single minute more working at your job. Or maybe you’ve just had it with your boss or coworkers, and are ready to find a new job. Or maybe you’ve won the lottery or a big poker game, […]

February 13th

Link Your Utility Bill On Facebook and Compete With Friends On Energy Efficient Behavior

OPower teams up with Facebook and NRDC to roll out a new app that lets you add your utility bills to Facebook to see if you can use less than your friend network. Think of it as “Farmville” for utility bill savings.
OPower is a new customer engagement platform for the utility industry. It reinvents the way utilities interact with customers—from the quality of the information provided to the way it’s presented and delivered. It helps people use energy more efficiently and ultimately save money on their energy bills. And it vastly improves the overall customer experience by making energy use personally relevant.

December 18th