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Do the Big 3 Need a Bailout?

The following is guest post submitted to me by the ecopreneurs over at Grow and Make – The Sustainable Living Store. Currently, lobbyists working for Chrysler and General Motors are working to encourage the US Congress to direct part of the $170 billion bail-out to help Chrysler and GM merge into a new car company. […]

October 31st

Triple Bottom Line: Profits with a Purpose to Make the World a Better Place

As explored in my previous posts related to the triple bottom line for green enterprises, these business ecopreneurs seek to consider all stakeholders of their enterprise (not just the shareholders or owners’ financial interests), how the business transforms or is transformed by the environment, and finally, profits, the heralded benchmark for allowing one to define […]

October 8th

How Does The Wall Street Mess Impact Ecopreneurs?

Like many of you, I’m sure, I have been glued to the news…online, on screen and in casual conversation. If you’ve actually figured out what when wrong with the debts and swaps and mortgages and hedges…you’re way ahead of the Wall Street mavins and most of the rest of the world. To most Americans, the […]

September 30th