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Making Dentistry Greener: Dr. Stan Park, Others Comment

Did you know that the waste residue generated by Ontario dentists in Canada in putting in and removing mercury fillings contains between 42 percent to 54 percent mercury by weight, according to a study published by the Canadian Dental Association? Did you also know the same study concluded that when dental offices don’t use mercury […]

Why Lush Cosmetics is Saying NO to Keystone XL

Today, nationwide retailer LUSH Cosmetics, in partnership with is making a powerful statement against the Keystone XL project.

LUSH will convert 80 of its US shops into polling stations and urges its customers to say NO to the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline as part of the company’s campaign to halt further expansion of Canada’s tar sands. LUSH believes that Americans should have a say in their energy future and are utilizing their shops, website and brave staff to give everyday people a chance to do so.

May 29th

Will Walmart Take Action to Move Away From Tar Sands Fuel?

Producing transportation fuel from Canada’s tar sands is more destructive, polluting, and carbon intensive than other ways of producing transportation fuel. With the help of ForestEthics, 15 large businesses and one US city have publicly announced actions they have taken to reduce the environmental and social impacts that come from fossil-fueled transportation. Will Walmart be next?

December 22nd

Tax Bill Throws Obama into a Catch 22 Situation Over Keystone XL and Jobs

President Obama put off a decision on the controversial Keystone pipeline that will carry tar sands oil from Central Canada through the Central U.S. down to refineries in Louisiana. The Administration’s action requires a full environmental review – a move that puts off the pipeline decision until 2013, following the Presidential election. But the pipeline approval has raised its head again in an unlikely scenario – a tax bill to extend payroll taxes for American businesses.

December 19th