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When It Comes To Climate Change, The B Team Means Business

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy is the way toward a more sustainable growth pattern, and businesses are well-suited to take up the task and take action on climate change, starting with their own operations. But business alone can’t bring about change as fast as a collaboration with policymakers and governments, which could help kickstart investments […]

October 13th

Web App Calculates Carbon Footprint Of Every Purchase

Do you know what the climate impacts of your everyday actions are? Aside from calculating the carbon footprint of each activity, and adding them together and keeping tabs on them all, which is not only time-consuming, but doesn’t take into consideration how your behaviors compare with others, there isn’t a really comprehensive method of tracking […]

April 28th

Develop a Green Business Plan that Reduces CO2 and Win $680,000

Calling all sustainable entrepreneurs, eco-entrepreneurs, green business startups, and innovative inventors! Here’s your chance to be in the running for $680,000 in funding to develop and bring to market your product or service that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Instead of relying solely on policy and governmental regulations to address greenhouse gas emissions, entrepreneurs and innovators […]

April 7th

Has a Cleantech crash spurred the need for Bluetech innovation?

The recent CBS 60 Minutes documentary, The Cleantech Crash, was an apocryphal tale of wasted government funding and failed companies, and left one feeling sorry for a much maligned Vinod Khosla, deemed to be a prime architect behind the ‘failed cleantech revolution’. Khosla has rallied with a strong and stirring rebuttal in open letter to CBS. Cleantech, (if narrowly […]

January 23rd

Reduce Work Hours to Address Global Warming?

Did you know that the US’ carbon emissions dropped over the past few years… roughly from 2008 on? Probably not: it didn’t get a whole lot of attention because the causes weren’t particularly appealing to many: natural gas fracking, EPA regs, and, yep, the recession. The last case is particularly interesting: sure, we don’t want the economy to remain stagnant in order to keep greenhouse gas emissions down… but less hours worked means lower emissions.

February 7th