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D&AD White Pencil Offers NGO Placements to Nominees

The D&AD White Pencil award, which rewards advertising and design initiatives that build brands and businesses while doing good, is offering two NGO placements to this year’s award nominees. This opportunity is possible through a collaboration with The International Exchange (TIE), and support from Unilever, and not only expand the reach of TIE’s programs, but […]

January 8th

Keeping it Real: 7 Ways to Build a Lasting & Sustainable Business Brand

How can businesses build a better brand? John Friedman points out seven ways companies, big and small can build a reputation that lasts. Companies spend thousands of dollars building their brands and defining their reputations – often using superlative terms. But as Socrates pointed out – actions speak louder than words. And when it comes to reputation- “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” How can you build a better, more effective brand?

December 1st

7 Steps to Tell Your Green Business Story in a Changing World

Everybody loves a good story, but story telling isn’t just for bedtime and movies. Story telling is an essential skill for businesses of all colors, including the green ones.
In the world of corporate communications and marketing, stories are used to sell without looking like we are selling. Green businesses are no different when it comes to marketing their business with stories, working their stories into their communications from social networking to ads to press releases to blogs. The good news is that green businesses have so many great stories to tell, stories about their commitment to building a better and brighter world through sustainability.

August 17th

SC Johnson Withdraws "Greenlist" Logo- Lessons in Greenwashing

SC Johnson will stop using the “Greenlist™” logo in its current form on Windex® products. The company has reached an agreement on two lawsuits regarding use of its logo and the parties have agreed to an undisclosed settlement.

The Greenlist™ logo was intended to signify that the Windex® products had achieved the highest internal ratings according to the company’s patented Greenlist™ process. The lawsuit resulted as plaintiffs opined that Greenlist™ was an internally developed process rather than that of a third-party and that the logo implied the products included environmentally friendly ingredients.

July 11th

Jeffrey Hollender & Seventh Generation: Lessons Learned at the End of a Chapter

Jeffrey Hollender was unceremoniously ousted from Seventh Generation, a company he founded and worked tirelessly at for 23 years. There was much speculation about the entire episode when his profile disappeared from the company website and Ecopreneurist covered the story under “Managing and Disclosing at 7th Generation: Where’s Jeffrey Hollender?” More controversy followed when there […]

June 27th

Avoiding The Big Green Brush

Generally speaking, social entrepreneurs are not involved with greenwashing (at least not blatantly or intentionally). However, being an ecopreneurist does not automatically give you immunity from scrutiny. The fact that so many companies have jumped on to the green bandwagon has created an environment of skepticism among potential customers that any company claiming to be green must overcome.

March 14th

Free Range Studios Offers Free Marketing for Worthy Causes

The sought-after studio behind famed viral videos “The Meatrix,” “Grocery Store Wars,” and “The Story of Stuff” wants to craft your next marketing campaign — for free. Known for their humorous approach to sustainable social media, the talented team at Free Range Studios invites you to compete for some top-shelf promotional assistance. “Through Free Range’s […]

April 27th