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Dell Honored as Circular Economy Pioneer at Davos

Dell, the IT company that aims to leave “a legacy of good“, has been leading the way toward more sustainable packaging in the tech industry, starting with its own, and partnering with organizations such as Goodwill for its e-waste collection program, but a recent award focuses on Dell’s contribution to the circular economy. At the […]

January 27th

Dell and Goodwill’s Computer Recycling Partnership

You’ve no doubt heard about the e-waste problems the world is facing as computers become obsolete and people toss them in favor of the latest and greatest technology. Do you even stop to wonder what becomes of your old monitors, keyboards, and computer towers when you send them away with the trash collector on designated pickup days? Do you know why you can’t throw electronics in the garbage like any other discard?

November 29th

Infographic: What's the Deal with Green Jobs?

The ‘What’s the Deal with Green Jobs” Infographic by Jobvine Jobs shows some very interesting statistics about green jobs!

Did you know??

You can earn more with a green job?
Green non-residential construction industry can potentially grow to a 145 billion dollar industry by 2015!
President Obama’s goal is to obtain 80% clean energy by 2035?
Green IT solutions are high on senior executives lists.
See what the top green companies in the US are doing!

December 5th

Dell vs. Apple, The Corporate Greenwash Wars

Last week, Tom Lauria, Vice President, Communications for the International Bottled Water Association commented on a post about greenwash happening over at Nestle Waters where he accused me of being an anti-corporate type that hides behind ‘saving the earth’ to bash businesses because I hate capitalism. My sense is that Tom, and quite possibly others, […]

December 23rd