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Crowdfunding Platform: Preserve Pah Tempe's Healing Waters

Pah Tempe’s mineral water, which everyone else recognizes as sacred and healing, is referred to by the local county water district as, incredibly, a *pollutant* which they feel needs to be captured and ‘disposed of’ somewhere out in the desert. For them, this requires condemning and closing the property on which these precious hot springs sit. This outcome has been their consistent goal for many years, despite a worldwide (and local) fan base, and clear scientific consensus on the amazing biological uniqueness and diversity of fish in that exact section of the river, now made endangered by the diversion of water in the name of development.

September 7th

Can Our Failing Economic Systems Mimic Ecosystems For Survival?

We are pleased to introduce a brand new post series called “Ecology + Economics” by Dr. Henry Cole. Dr. Cole (or Hank as he likes to be called) is the President at Henry S. Cole & Associates an environmental consulting firm that provides a unique blend of scientific, communications support and advocacy. He has a long and distinguished career as an environmental scientist and leader. Dr. Cole brings a wealth of experience, skill and credentials as a scientist and environmental leader. Through his posts, Dr. Cole plans to present a unique view of today issues – How we can make economic progress while sustaining our environment.

Hank spoke to Ecopreneurist about how economic models need a rethink.

February 20th