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Cowspiracy Reveals Inconvenient Truth about the Most Destructive Industry on the Planet

What’s the most destructive industry facing our planet today? You can be forgiven for thinking it’s fossil fuel production and consumption, with all of its attendant pollution and GHG emissions, along with its destructive extraction processes and the all-too-frequent oil spills in our oceans and waterways, because most environmental organizations focus on that. However, according […]

September 18th

In Search of Sustainable Community: It's Within Reach

You hear so much about people striving to live a greener, more sustainable life. You may at times wonder, who else is doing it, and is all that happy talk translating into real world results?

Three friends decided to find out. As they put it,

Mandy, Ryan and Brady are ‘bikepacking’ 12,000 miles to the East Coast and back to California, using solar-powered electronics and leg-powered bicycles. The result is a feature-length documentary film that will present a realistic experience of seeking out and living in sustainable community.

May 21st

Green and China–Who would know that’s a good business opportunity?

Here’s a creative business idea: pair U.S. and British television producers and an environmentalist with a Chinese documentarian and environmental activists and government official to come up with a television series for the Chinese market funded by U.S. investors. U.S. production company, Landreth Associates, is working with the Chinese CCTV Economic Movie and Television Center […]

January 2nd