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The United States Isn't Broke But Why is Our Economy Broken? It Favors the Top 1%

The Story of Stuff Project takes on government subsidies in new online movie called ‘The Story of Broke’ and calls for investments in a clean, fair economy.

The United States isn’t broke; we’re the richest country on the planet and a country in which the richest among us are doing exceptionally well. But the truth is, our economy is broken.

We are producing more pollution, greenhouse gasses and garbage than any other country. In these and so many other ways, it just isn’t working. But rather than invest in something better, we continue to keep this ‘dinosaur economy’ on life support with hundreds of billions of dollars of our tax money. The Story of Broke calls for a shift ingovernment spending toward investments in clean, green solutions—renewable energy, safer chemicals and materials, zero waste and more—that can deliver jobs AND a healthier environment.

November 8th

Is the Occupy Movement a Call for Sustainability?

For years the American public has professed to care about the environment, yet their purchasing decisions did not reflect this value. Consumers have decried labor conditions, yet sought the lowest-price option for goods. The sustainability community in the United States has long called for a consumer awakening to the fact that each time they make a purchase, they are ‘voting with their dollars’ –supporting practices, governments and policies that they dislike in survey after survey.
That is why I have watched with growing interest as Occupy demonstrations began and have grown from New York to more than 150 cities across the country and around the world. Using social media, I reached out to participants and organizers (I was admonished not to use the term ‘leaders’ as their role was to convene, not to direct) of the various movements. And what I found surprised me.

October 27th

Find Green Career Opportunities Through Our New 'Green Jobs Board'

I am sure you have notices our new theme! To add to that we now have a Green Jobs Board for you all on the bottom-right side of all our pages this week. The system is specifically tailored to you all, but can be adjusted as time goes on to make it even more relevant.

If you’re looking for a job (or just curious), check it out and let us know if you have any feedback.

October 24th

Build a Green Business and Help Others Go Green as A Certified Eco-Consultant

We live in challenging times and people are seeking jobs anywhere they can. Necessity is a powerful mother of invention, and there is plenty of necessity to go around, with unemployment still stubbornly high. After sending out countless resumes more and more people are realizing that the best new job is one they make for themselves by starting their own business. And as people reevaluate the direction of their lives, they’re finding that they don’t want just any job or business; they want a business or career that means something, one that has a purpose as well as paying the bills. Becoming a Certified Eco-Consultant could be the answer they are looking for.

July 27th

Green Training and Education Can Jump-start Your Green Business Career

The US economy is slowly recovering we hear but for many people it doesn’t feel that way, with high unemployment and slow economic growth still challenging millions of Americans. As hard as it can be our changing economy is also creating great opportunities for businesses that deliver sustainability, creating healthy, balanced, and productive lives. The greater our challenges the more we need solutions like these and yet most of us still don’t know how to unlock the potential of sustainability. The key is- sustainability training and education. Here are some option on how you can jump-start your green career.

July 11th

Rising Sun Energy Center: Opening Doors to Greener Horizons

This series is made possible by energy-efficiency specialists WellHome and their Home Weatherization Giveaway Sweepstakes. Take a quick visual quiz of your home’s energy use to see your potential yearly savings. Hurry! For your shot at a grand prize of $2500 in energy efficiency upgrades, enter by March 20! It’s not everyday you hear: “Sign […]

March 12th

For What Its Worth

From the editor: This is a guest post by John Friedman, an award-winning communicator and CSR practitioner. Through this engaging post John conveys how businesses, big and small can create “real” value and “sustain” themselves through touch economic times. In a market-driven economy, value is based on perception rather than a systematic formula so that […]

March 11th

Its a Bummer to Care About the Environment Right Now

I just got an email from Gillian Caldwell who recently stepped down “after three wonderful years” as Campaign Director for 1Sky a great grass-roots environmental organization. I’m not surprised, though. I guess its a bummer to care about climate change right now. One could argue that it should have been a great time to be […]

October 19th

Keiretsu Forum: 4th Summer Solstice Meeting

  Women entrepreneurs, don’t miss the Keiretsu Forum’s 4th Annual Summer Solstice panel discussion tonight about “How Women Investors and Entrepreneurs Will Revive the California Economy.” The event will bring together the Bay Area’s most talented minds to:          Foster a collaborative atmosphere between women and the angel community          Confront the critical issues facing women entrepreneurs […]

June 30th

Naturally Successful: Entrepreneurship that Redefines the Bottom Line – DVD Review

“We need solutions at the speed of business,” says Hunter Lovins, author, speaker and founder of Natural Capital Solutions in the Naturally Successful DVD, produced by Arnold Creek Productions, Inc., known for its award-winning videos on sustainability used by organizations around the world. Naturally Successful is an expertly assembled compilation of inspiring interviews of the […]

November 26th

The Call of the (Green) Entrepreneur

[youtube=] [social_buttons] Bad economy got you down? If you’re looking for some inspiration, this trailer for a new documentary might just do the trick. Often down economy’s are the best time to start a new business -especially a green one. gives a few: According to McKinsey: “most companies in most sectors have profitable […]

November 15th