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Introducing ‘The Inspired Economist,’ A New Resource For Ecopreneurists

The Inspired Economist (IE) ( provides a bridge between idealism and capitalism, profit and passion, iconoclast and industrialist, right and left, and all of the other dichotomies that serve as distractions from the serious issues that face the world. The IE aims to foster creativity, and to rally both emerging and established business leaders around the goal of creating a more just and sustainable society. A multi-media resource for the New Economy, the IE serves individuals and companies focused on the nexus of people, planet and profit: the “triple bottom line.”

October 22nd

A Breakthrough Technology to Transform CO2 into Fuel

Carbon Sciences, the developer of a breakthrough technology to transform harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) into high value, earth-friendly products such as precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) is now developing a breakthrough technology to transform CO2 into the basic fuel building blocks required to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and other portable fuels.

October 15th

Tip’d: A Social News Site For Business and Financial News

In the current business climate, readers are increasingly scouring the web for business and financial news from around the world. Tip’d is here to deliver the best business stories recommended by other readers like yourself. Tip’d ( is a community for financial news, ideas, and tips. Given the important political decisions ahead and the evolving state of the economy, this social news site is perhaps more of a necessity rather than merely a convenient online news destination.

October 14th

Carbon Sciences: Transforming CO2 Into Useful Technology

Energy independence seems to be each country’s topmost agenda in today’s challenging economic climate. While many companies are looking to take advantage of the new tax credits extended to renewable energy industries, others are looking to solve the problem finding ways to convert emissions into high value, sustainable technology. Carbon Sciences is developing a breakthrough technology to transform carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into useful carbonate products that can be used by the paper, pharmaceuticals and FMCG industries.

October 13th

What to Look Forward to in 2009

I know it’s a little premature to be talking about 2009 but I wanted to beat the rush, so here are some of things we have to look forward to in 2009. Honda hybrid – Apparently someone finally convinced Honda that the ‘cover up half of the back tire’ look was downright ugly and so […]

October 2nd