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Sweetening the Palate with (Nearly) Guiltless Gourmet Chocolate

Courtesy of the Global Cocoa Project and Hub SoMa, I sampled about 20 different “eco chocolates” right before the Valentine’s Day weekend. Another key supporter of the event, Sweet Earth Chocolates, brought its cherry chipotle-truffle red foil-wrapped dark chocolate hearts to sample, as part of its ongoing Project Hope and Fairness (read more here) Tom Neuhaus is an […]

March 4th

Green Grad Advice: An Ecopreneur Promotes Detours at High School Alma Matter Commencement

That once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that both warms one’s heart and instills a swarm of nervous stomach butterflies came about for me last week:  giving a commencement address at my old high school, Glenbrook South in Glenview, Illinois.  While it ranked an honor to receive the distinguished alum award, the five-minute speech proffering advice for the 2009 […]

June 17th

Sustainable Industries Economic Forum to Feature Ray Anderson, Several Other Ecopreneurs

The Fourth Annual Sustainable Industries Economic Forum will feature ecopreneur Ray Anderson, founder and Chairman of Interface, a company specializing in sustainable carpets and other industrial products.  The event will showcase a panel discussion with rock stars of the green business world, representing a broad swath of green industries.  The timely discussion for this year’s […]

May 6th

A passion for sustainable design: Foresight Design Initiative

Figure out what you love to do. Then just do it — under a green umbrella. By focusing on the process, rather than the product, Peter Nicholson serves as ecopreneuring inspiration, founding the premiere non-profit organization serving sustainable education in Chicago, Foresight Design Initiative, based around his passion for design.  Nicholson is among the Ecopreneur […]

March 25th

How to be a Truly Sustainable Business

In these turbulent economic times, there’s two major approaches that can happen: tighten everything down and hope you survive, or create new opportunities, within your business or in a whole new one.

For those that choose the second option, there are several interesting paths to follow, and many places to find ideas to inspire which one you choose. Springwise is my favorite, with thousands of trend spotters around the world, writing brief, engaging pieces on companies expanding what’s possible. For quick scanning, they’re categorized by type, as in Eco & Sustainability, Style & Design, Non-profit & Social Cause, and Life Hacks.

This piece on Scout Books, sustainably made custom designed journals created for what Springwise calls “minipreneurs” is one example. Though this article was focused on how Pinball Publishing enables ecologically minded artists and innovative swag seekers to create high quality journals to their specifications in a relatively small run, suitable for selling on Etsy stores and the like, it was when I looked further at Pinball itself that I saw a dynamic business model well suited for these times.

March 12th

A Thriving “Triple Bottom Line” Enterprise: T.S. Designs

Often stressed ecological systems emerge, evolve and reorganize in the most innovative ways. The same holds true for T. S. Designs, the nation’s largest maker of the most sustainably printed T-shirts.  It’s a company that revolutionized the very process of manufacturing.  Isn’t this the kind of innovation and creativity President Obama is calling for? Ironically, […]

February 25th

What The Heck Is An Obamapreneur?

The English language has a wonderful way of evolving with major or minor events in the economic, social and political history of man. Following the release of words like “Mompreneur” and “Ecopreneur”, the latest buzzword that is floating around the business and economic sphere is “Obamapreneur.” While it is clear that all “Preneur” roads lead to a noble business mission but what the heck is an Obamapreneur?

February 11th

Do you have what it takes to become an ecopreneur?

Well, at least everyone reading this blog. But where to begin? You have an idea. You have some skills. Maybe you have some experience in the field. Perhaps you have some startup capital. Are these things enough for you to become a successful ecopreneur? Maybe most importantly, do you know what you’re doing?!

December 18th

Eco Marketing 101- Include Your URL!

This should really be titled “21st Century Marketing 101”, since this seems an obvious point, include your web site URL on all of your marketing communications vehicles including package, flyers, outdoor (billboards) and, of course, print ads. Yet, a survey found that 70% of Print Campaigns Ignore the Multi-Channel Reality, and do not include a […]

October 8th