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Help Build the World’s Best Green Jobs Website

Our parent company, Important Media, is working on a great project that has the potential to make a real difference in the world. And although it’s not a new kind of electric vehicle, or a radical clean energy innovation, or even a better mousetrap, it is a venture that may open up a world of […]

April 3rd

Want to Quit Your Job? There’s an App for That

Maybe you’ve been burning the midnight oil getting your startup ready to launch, and you can’t take a single minute more working at your job. Or maybe you’ve just had it with your boss or coworkers, and are ready to find a new job. Or maybe you’ve won the lottery or a big poker game, […]

February 13th

Rampant Opportunity In The Midst Of A Recession

Editor’s Note: The is a guest contribution by Danny Kennedy, President of Sungevity. This is part of a series from the CEO’s of major solar companies. You can follow the complete series here. Sometimes it is hard to contemplate what a good news story our industry – solar sales and installation – and the broader clean […]

June 26th