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Funding or Financing an Energy Business with Help from DOE

One of the big challenges for both startups and established businesses is finding funding, whether it’s for launching a pilot project or expansion or research, and while there are a number of options available, including crowdfunding, equity investments, or conventional business loans, there is another potential source for financing an energy business. The US Department […]

February 5th

Startup accelerator helps entrepreneurs solve big energy problems

A startup incubator in Somerville, MA, near Boston, is enabling entrepreneurs with potential solutions to our energy issues to prototype, test, and grow their ideas into full-blown businesses. Greentown Labs offers 24,000 square feet of space, both for prototyping and office space, shared electronics and machine shops, and access to other resources, including funding, to […]

December 4th

3 innovative ideas to make water cooler talk green and, well, cooler!

Employees congregate around the water cooler to talk about the weekend’s events, spread office gossip, or discuss the new intern’s work performance. For companies, this creates an opportunity to spread the good word about sustainability and encourage participation in company sustainability programs. As anyone who’s ever worked in an office can tell you that water […]

January 21st