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How to Environmentally Prepare Your Business for 2015

Climate change is a problem that affects us all, whether directly or indirectly. A recent report from CDP found that of the 350 companies they examined, those who weren’t thinking about their environmental impact was as high as 13%. If we accept the old axiom that prevention is better than cure, this is a short-sighted […]

December 16th

How College Football Teams Are Tackling Waste

As the world is becoming more sensitive to the needs of the environment, luckily, that would include some of the nation’s professional and college football teams. That’s right. More and more of them are starting their own programs in order to cut down on waste, encourage recycling and become more responsible with our earth’s resources.

November 20th

Virtual Reality: Good for the Environment

Many technologies have grown rapidly in the last few years, and some of them are poised to change the way that we interact with each other over the next decade. One technology in particular, virtual reality, has the potential to change life as we know it and could even improve the condition of the environment. Once virtual reality has caught on, it can have a substantial impact cutting down on overall emissions by reducing our dependence on wasteful practices and interactions. Here are a few areas in which virtual reality could change the way that we interact with one another:

June 11th

Put Some Bark in Your Green Efforts

Whether you’re a business owner, an animal owner or both, you’d be surprised what you can do in caring for your friendly pooch, feline or other animal in helping the environment out. As we all know, Americans have a love affair with their dogs, cats and other variety of animals. There isn’t much we won’t […]

Key to Green Buildings: Location

The classic mantra in real estate is that three things matter: location, location and location. At a “built environment” panel during the recent Cleantech Open conference, we learned that green buildings are no different. Jeffrey Tumlin, a transportation consultant at NelsonNygard, noted that transportation to and from can constitute 40% of a building’s total energy […]

July 29th

Data Can Make Us Greener

At the recent Cleantech Open conference, a theme that emerged was the potential for distributed data to help us all be greener. By having relevant data pushed to us on our smartphones or other mobile gadgets, we might make better choices. And, of course, companies providing that data might make some money. The first area […]

July 26th

Green Businesses May Need to Change their Colors

Editor’s Note: Lyndon Rive is the co-founder and CEO of SolarCity, a national leader in solar power. This is the first in a series of posts from the CEOs of major solar companies. Is it May already? Maybe it’s just me, but the media didn’t seem to make as big a deal over Earth Day […]

May 5th

Ecopreneur Profile: Jan Joannides and Brett Olson, co-founders of Renewing the Countryside

In a world overdosed with negativity, Jan Joannides roots for the opposite underdog, building an organization and livelihood around showcasing the positive side of what’s working right. As co-founder of Renewing the Countryside, Joannides created a means to showcase positive examples of rural revitalization while simultaneously serving as an inspiring example of how one’s purpose […]

April 29th

Junxion Strategy: Green marketing grows up

By Contributing Writer Melissa Chungfat | Part of Green Printer‘s ‘Design Goes Green’ dispatch. Thanks to blogs, websites, Facebook, and the ever-growing list of social media tools, people have the ability and power to educate themselves about anything they please. It is harder for companies to get away with lies about their products and misleading […]

March 18th

Greenfox Schools: Greening the Obama Generation

Green Businesses are hotter than ever and even in the worst of economies, Ecopreneurs are looking for ways to get get funded and bring their dreams to fruition. However when it comes to the business of K-12 education, it can be challenging to get the show on the road. It helps of course to have a solid business plan and passion to carry out your mission.

Ecopreneurist recently had the opportunity to interview Kristen von Hoffmann, the president and founder of Greenfox Schools an environmental consulting company that partners provides schools with cutting edge environmental techology, products and progarms to help them go green. A member of K-12 Sector Team for the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development, Kristen bases her company on the Greenfox5, a strategy she developed that defines the five main functional points of optimization for any building as Energy, Waste Disposal, Food, Products, and Greenspace. Passionate about her mission, read what she had to say.

January 28th

Ebooks – Green Holiday Gift Ideas From Ecobrain

Ecobrain, a green publishing company offers ebooks, the ideal green reading choice. Ebooks can be instantly downloaded to your desktop. Ecobrain has a series of ebooks that make ideal reading for Ecopreneurs. offers thousands of other titles about or relating to the environment. Their genres include environment, sustainable living, cookbooks, biographies, kids’ books, how-to guides, green architecture titles, organic gardening, composting, fiction and more.

December 11th

Naturally Successful: Entrepreneurship that Redefines the Bottom Line – DVD Review

“We need solutions at the speed of business,” says Hunter Lovins, author, speaker and founder of Natural Capital Solutions in the Naturally Successful DVD, produced by Arnold Creek Productions, Inc., known for its award-winning videos on sustainability used by organizations around the world. Naturally Successful is an expertly assembled compilation of inspiring interviews of the […]

November 26th

Triple Bottom Line: Profits with a Purpose to Make the World a Better Place

As explored in my previous posts related to the triple bottom line for green enterprises, these business ecopreneurs seek to consider all stakeholders of their enterprise (not just the shareholders or owners’ financial interests), how the business transforms or is transformed by the environment, and finally, profits, the heralded benchmark for allowing one to define […]

October 8th