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Disrupt Agriculture: A Startup Accelerator for Food System Entrepreneurs

This spring, four entrepreneurs with promising early-stage startups working in food and agriculture will get a chance to bring their dreams closer to reality through a unique startup accelerator program near Omaha, Nebraska. Disrupt Agriculture, which is the second accelerator program from Year of the Startup, will house four entrepreneurs in a farmhouse on an […]

February 2nd

These Hoppers Could Power Your Next Workout: Cricket Bars

If you weren’t raised eating bugs, errm, insects, the thought of crunching down on something that crawls out from under a log may not sound very appealing. But in many places around the world, protein is where you can find it, not just stuck between two buns at a burger joint, or packed into a […]

August 12th

Food Company Monopolies Create Market Opportunities for Food Startups

When looking at the variety of brands and products available on the grocery store shelves, it may appear that customers are getting a lot more choice when they go shopping, but the growing monopolization of the grocery food business is actually consolidating the market and reducing the number of food companies to choose from. And […]

May 20th

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Delivered by Parachute

The mobile food revolution seems to mostly involve food trucks, food delivery services, and bicycle food deliveries, but for a decidedly low-tech take on food service, this project uses gravity to get its sandwiches in the hands of its customers. Jafflechutes pairs a toasted grilled cheese sandwich (a jaffle) with a handmade parachute, which is […]

April 28th

Will the Future of Sustainable Agriculture be Indoors?

Growing food in the traditional manner, by planting in soil outdoors in fields, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but growing indoors has a number of advantages over field-planting, and may be the future of sustainable agriculture. According to this infographic from the upcoming Indoor Agriculture Conference (Indoor Ag Con), the five big advantages that indoor […]

April 14th

FarmLogs Data Platform Aims to Make the Future of Farming Smarter

If your only experience with growing food is in your garden, on a small scale, you can be forgiven for thinking that farming is a low-tech endeavor. But like most other businesses, technology has an important place in large-scale farming, whether it’s for agricultural implements and machinery or used for monitoring and tracking data that […]

March 31st

RFID Technology Startup Tackles Perishables Freshness

With such a huge food system, where produce and other perishables have to travel long distances to get to market, possibly through several middlemen, there are a lot of variables along the way that can affect how fresh the food is by the time it arrives, including the temperatures they’re exposed to and the time […]

March 19th

Green Business Ideas: Organic Farm

The demand for local food, and organically grown local food, is growing rapidly, and if you’re passionate about organic gardening, you might consider expanding your reach by starting an organic farm. This green business idea could put food on your own table, supply the local area with more organically grown vegetables or fruits, and contribute […]

February 26th