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How to Plan an Eco Friendly Move

Moving is definitely not easier, and figuring out how to make your move eco-friendly is rarely any easier. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the many stresses of packing and planning, quickly forgetting everything you’ve learned about living life the green way, especially when the reality of the move finally hits.

November 30th

UPS Uses Pedal Power to Save Gas

UPS has been taking steps to go green for years now, but this Christmas season, they’ve taken their fuel-saving efforts to yet another level. In order to keep up with the holiday mailing demand, they continued a program that they tested out last year – using bikes to deliver packages. Obviously, this can’t be done […]

December 24th

Forget the pump. Brew your own fuel.

While researching the greening of transportation that I reported on earlier this week, I came across an incredible new product, the EFuel100 MicroFuelerTM. This incredibly beautiful “appliance” lets you make your own fuel. [youtube=] A self-contained micro-refinery, the EFuel100 makes environmentally friendly ethanol at about $1 a gallon. Both a pump station and an ethanol […]

October 23rd