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Startup Makes Installing LED Lighting as Simple and Fun as LEGO

A UK-based startup promises a better way to install intelligent LED lighting and controls, by making it simple and fun to get started with a low-energy lighting system that not only saves energy and money for the user, but also reduces lighting-related greenhouse gas emissions. Isotera’s LED lighting and control products offer a modular plug-n-play […]

February 17th

Green Business Ideas: Green Building Materials Store

Access to green consumer products, from organic and natural foods to eco-friendly personal care and cleaning supplies, is growing daily, and many of these items are beginning to be available at some mainstream grocery and big box stores. Organic and sustainable clothing is bit harder to find, at least at brick-and-mortar retail stores, but that […]

February 14th

How to Hack Buildings to Increase Productivity

We may be familiar with computer hacking, but what about hacking buildings? Future360 investigates that a hackable building is one that’s been adapted or modified to be almost unrecognizable from its original form. Architecture firm Gensler first coined the phrase “hackable buildings” and became a case study for this exciting new concept. Gensler’s Los Angeles […]

April 26th

Are the Proposed Revisions to LEED Forestry Standards Greenwash?

Yesterday, during the world’s largest green building conference, ForestEthics and three other organizations ran an ad in the Toronto Star warning that new forestry standards proposed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) would drastically lower its standards, and would effectively greenwash clearcuts and other destructive practices which the USGBC and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) were ostensibly designed to rise above. But is that really so?

October 7th

Project Home Again: Rebuilding An Energy Efficient New Orleans

This series is made possible by energy-efficiency specialists WellHome and their Home Weatherization Giveaway Sweepstakes. Take a quick visual quiz of your home’s energy use to see your potential yearly savings. Hurry! For your shot at a grand prize of $2500 in energy efficiency upgrades, enter by March 20! Project Home Again is a nonprofit, […]

March 16th

Sustainable Industries Economic Forum to Feature Ray Anderson, Several Other Ecopreneurs

The Fourth Annual Sustainable Industries Economic Forum will feature ecopreneur Ray Anderson, founder and Chairman of Interface, a company specializing in sustainable carpets and other industrial products.  The event will showcase a panel discussion with rock stars of the green business world, representing a broad swath of green industries.  The timely discussion for this year’s […]

May 6th

Encouraging Reuse over Recycling in the Building Industry

The path recycling has taken over the past couple of decades has been a promising one.  Inroads into the consumer market have been tremendously successful with recycling programs in many cities across the country.  For one of the country’s largest industries however, the construction industry, there is a lot of room for improvement. Construction projects […]

April 6th

Green Architecture and the Future of Building

There may be few occupations that have more opportunity to incorporate sustainable choices into their products, services, and day-to-day operations than architecture.  The market for green building has cooled down along with everything else, but it seems inevitable that it will replace its traditional counterpart faster than most other sustainable industries.  Organic foods, for example, […]

March 16th

Possibly the Easiest Way to Open Your Own Green Store

So you have an interest in sustainability, particularly when it comes to your home environment. You know enough that your friends seem to flock to you for advice. They say, “You should open your own store!” You think hmm, they might be on to something. But you’ve never opened up a store, and it’s a tough economy these days for doing so.

g Green Design Center may be just the ticket.

March 5th

Greenfox Schools: Greening the Obama Generation

Green Businesses are hotter than ever and even in the worst of economies, Ecopreneurs are looking for ways to get get funded and bring their dreams to fruition. However when it comes to the business of K-12 education, it can be challenging to get the show on the road. It helps of course to have a solid business plan and passion to carry out your mission.

Ecopreneurist recently had the opportunity to interview Kristen von Hoffmann, the president and founder of Greenfox Schools an environmental consulting company that partners provides schools with cutting edge environmental techology, products and progarms to help them go green. A member of K-12 Sector Team for the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development, Kristen bases her company on the Greenfox5, a strategy she developed that defines the five main functional points of optimization for any building as Energy, Waste Disposal, Food, Products, and Greenspace. Passionate about her mission, read what she had to say.

January 28th

The Next Green Building Material: Loofah?!

Look in your bathroom. Got a loofah in there? Ever used one? You know, like a sea sponge? Now think about it being used for building houses. Huh!? This is exactly what’s happening right now in Paraguay. Elsa Aldivar, a social activist teamed up with Pedro Padros, an industrial engineer to make this happen. It […]

December 11th