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Green Business Ideas: Personal Trainer & Diet Planner

We see stories in the news everyday about the sorry state of personal health, especially in developed countries, including the trends of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other related effects that declining health can have on the body. But along with those health issues, there is a growing interest in getting fit and healthy and […]

January 10th

Green Business Ideas: Biodiesel Cooperative

With the growing interest in alternative fuels, one possible green business idea that combines recycling of resources with a product that is constantly in need (fuel) is a biodiesel cooperative or biodiesel processing facility. 1. What is a biodiesel co-op? Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly (renewable), typically domestically produced, and healthier¬†alternative to traditional diesel fuel.¬† […]

January 6th

Green Business Ideas: Energy Efficiency Auditing

Beyond reducing energy consumption for buildings and businesses because of environmental concerns, boosting the energy efficiency of companies, homes, and organizations can also help them to save money. For those with an aptitude for math, building and construction, and energy issues, starting an energy efficiency auditing company could be a great green business idea. 1. […]

January 3rd

Green Business Ideas: Sustainable Property Management

For potential entrepreneurs and small business owners, green business ideas can be found in all sorts of industries, and because properties and homes will always need managing, setting yourself up as sustainable property management company could be not only profitable, but also serve to help property owners and renters move in an environmentally sustainable direction. […]

December 31st