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7 Questions For A Greener Competitive Advantage

If you’re like most business owners, you want to provide value to your customers in a way that gives you an edge over the competition. That means seizing opportunities to provide offerings that deliver more value to your customers than your competitors deliver. Remember, your commitment to the environment is a competitive advantage. By being […]

August 27th

Consumers Want Proof It’s Green But Where Do They Look?

When this Media Post article came out, Consumers Want Proof it’s Green, I found this interesting kernel of information.

To find the necessary information, consumers are:
most likely to turn to consumer reports …..29%
most likely to look at certification seals or labels on products …..28%
most likely to consider the list of ingredients on products …..27%
least likely to look to statements on product packaging …..11%
least likely to believe company advertising …..5%

Ah Ha! What great information! This gives me some direction on where to spend my marketing dollars.

April 12th

How Green Is Your Company? Consumers Want To Know!

Another study reveals/confirms that consumers want to know more about the environmental activities of the companies they patronize. A new study from the Natural Marketing Institute reports that consumers are “interested in learning about what companies are doing to…” Recycle – 62% Reduce waste – 60% Reduce air pollution – 59% Reduce energy consumption – […]

September 10th

The Simplicity Movement – How Green Business Benefits

It’s back to basics for many consumers. Goodbye excess; batten down the hatches. While it’s certainly not news that high prices and economic fears are causing consumers to cut back, a new study from Cramer-Krasselt finds that behaviors are shifting in ways few marketers may have expected. As expected, in this downturn, consumers are pulling […]

August 22nd

Who’s The Greenest of Them All? Hint: Look To The Developing World!

Though being green is all the rage in the US, one needs to look beyond our borders…well beyond, to find countries in which consumers act truly green. Not surprisingly, those consumers in the developing world, impacted the most by environmentally harmful behavior, tend to be the greenest. The recently completed National Geographic/GlobeScan “Consumer Greendex,” rather […]

May 12th