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Help Build the World’s Best Green Jobs Website

Our parent company, Important Media, is working on a great project that has the potential to make a real difference in the world. And although it’s not a new kind of electric vehicle, or a radical clean energy innovation, or even a better mousetrap, it is a venture that may open up a world of […]

April 3rd

A Rising Tide of Eco-Optimism

Let me say right up front that I’m a big fan of all things green, but I’ve been feeling a bit out of it lately when it comes to sustainability. I wrote a book or two about it, and proudly wear the term greenie. I got the solar panels, the Prius, and the compost heap – the whole green nine yards. But lately I’ve wondered if the tide had turned, the world moved on, and maybe I had fallen out of step. Reading David Bergman’s book Sustainable Design, I think the tide is turning again, greener than ever.

September 27th

Find Green Career Opportunities Through Our New 'Green Jobs Board'

I am sure you have notices our new theme! To add to that we now have a Green Jobs Board for you all on the bottom-right side of all our pages this week. The system is specifically tailored to you all, but can be adjusted as time goes on to make it even more relevant.

If you’re looking for a job (or just curious), check it out and let us know if you have any feedback.

October 24th

Sustainable Economic Development? Green Jobs? Hawai'i? All in One Board Game!

Scott Cooney, resident of Hawai’i, founder of, and author of ‘Build a Green Small Business’ (McGraw-Hill), has created the ‘Green Economy Board Game’ that brings sustainable economic development, green job opportunities and Hawai’i all together!
This game makes sustainability come to life in a fun, interactive way. Players are investors looking to make more than just financial returns by helping local entrepreneurs in Hawai’i develop sustainability-oriented businesses like organic farms, geothermal plants, green building companies, solar installers, and bike shops. The game is ideal for those who are interested in sustainability as a better way to do business, and can be played by 2-6 players ages 13+.

September 9th

Will Green Stay Hot As (Economic) Weather Gets Cold?

As with anything, there are two sides of that coin. For consignment stores, it’s a bonanza, as consumers look at second-hand goods as a way to continue to fulfill their needs while cutting spending substantially. Those ecopreneurs who decided they wanted to make money by recycling used clothing, sporting goods, printer cartridges, or any number of other goods, the weather is warm and sunny, and the gods of industry are smiling upon them.

December 27th

Four Reasons: Green still the way to go despite a nose-diving economy

Photo credits: recently wrote an excellent guide for small business owners on proactive moves they can take to survive – and better yet, thrive – in the nose-diving economy. “You Can Weather the Economic Storm (Product price sensitivity and financial creativity can help you thrive in any economy)” is especially relevant for green […]

October 9th

“Strategies of Abundance” for Green Business Ecopreneurs: First, Stop Paying the Banker

This is the first of several posts describing “Strategies of Abundance” for ecopreneurs and green business owners. Even in financially tough times, these Strategies of Abundance reflect interrelationships between personal finance and business, especially for small business owners. The key for ecopreneurs is how they use their business to make the world a better place. […]

May 13th