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Who’s Competing in the Cleantech Challenge Mexico 2012?

Mexico’s most important cleantech competition officially launched nearly a month ago, and after over 30 hours of business training in seminars and workshops, the 128 green entrepreneurs presented their business models during the first elimination round.

June 13th

Green To Grow On – An Obvious Conclusion

This of course leaves the deep green demographic in a quandary. What to do when your favorite green “hippie” brand goes mainstream? While this seems to be a question that marketers are pondering with great concern, I think it is perhaps overblown. There is a history of niche brands going mainstream. That’s more or less how this economy works. Smaller companies come up with great ideas. The idea gains traction. Big companies buy smaller companies in niche or start their own competition brand or small niche company hits the jackpot on their own and goes mainstream.

March 10th

Eco Marketing 101- Include Your URL!

This should really be titled “21st Century Marketing 101”, since this seems an obvious point, include your web site URL on all of your marketing communications vehicles including package, flyers, outdoor (billboards) and, of course, print ads. Yet, a survey found that 70% of Print Campaigns Ignore the Multi-Channel Reality, and do not include a […]

October 8th

Wal-Mart Tracks Green Product Adoption

As retailer to over 90% of US households, Wal-Mart is in the unique position of being an excellent compiler of information. Recently they started tracking shoppers’ green buying habits. Actually all retailers track products their consumers purchase for inventory control. Wal-Mart however was one of the leaders in using this data to tightly control inventory […]

April 24th

PR Tips For Green Entrepreneurs

There have been several articles on Public Relations blogs recently about the difficulty of promoting green businesses. In our current climate, thousands of organizations, big and small are trying to go, or appear to go green. Hundreds of websites are devoted to the eco movement; the mainstream media loves a green product story…and they have […]

January 22nd