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What Do You Want To See On a Green Jobs Website? [Survey]

Last week, I mentioned the fact that our parent company, Important Media, is launching the best green jobs website ever. An Indiegogo campaign is currently running to raise funds to fully develop and release this green jobs portal, and pledges to that campaign are greatly appreciated. But there’s another way you can help out, which […]

April 10th

Help Build the World’s Best Green Jobs Website

Our parent company, Important Media, is working on a great project that has the potential to make a real difference in the world. And although it’s not a new kind of electric vehicle, or a radical clean energy innovation, or even a better mousetrap, it is a venture that may open up a world of […]

April 3rd

Green Business Newsletter

Thanks for your interest in the Better Business newsletter! We send out one email a week with the coolest and best business headlines from the world of sustainability. To keep the Better Business Newsletter as relevant as possible, we’d love to hear from you about how we can best serve you, so please post a comment […]

April 24th

5 Up-and-Coming Green Jobs

The green sector is one in which job growth has continued despite the recession. This could be due to the current government administration and their platform of eco-friendly advances, but it may also have something to do with the fact that awareness of environmental issues is on the rise, leading to a consumer marketplace in which the demand for green products and services is growing. In any case, there are a whole slew of job types related to this that look promising for the future. Here are a few you may want to consider pursuing.

November 1st

Cleantech Challenge Mexico Names Its Winners

Last month, Cleantech Challenge Mexico honored the competition’s eight finalists during its award ceremony held in Mexico City. The winner of the completion took away MX$250,000 in cash, while the eight finalists were eligible for up to US$30 million in venture capital investments.

October 28th

GE's Ecoimagination Makes Money in Clean Energy. About a $100 Billion!

General Electric (GE) was in the news this week after it released its 2011 Annual Report. GE has spent several years positioning itself as an innovator in low-carbon technologies. Now the sustainable arm of the company — called ecoimagination — has generated $100 billion in revenues and is growing at more than twice the rate of the rest of the company, according to Mark Vachon, the vice president of eco-imagination. GE didn’t invest in climate solutions because it is home to a bunch of treehuggers. They did it because it is good for business.

March 27th

Tax Bill Throws Obama into a Catch 22 Situation Over Keystone XL and Jobs

President Obama put off a decision on the controversial Keystone pipeline that will carry tar sands oil from Central Canada through the Central U.S. down to refineries in Louisiana. The Administration’s action requires a full environmental review – a move that puts off the pipeline decision until 2013, following the Presidential election. But the pipeline approval has raised its head again in an unlikely scenario – a tax bill to extend payroll taxes for American businesses.

December 19th

Green Collar Salvation: Are Green Jobs the Answer?

With the country in both an environmental crisis and an economical crisis, times are looking pretty dire for a lot of people. Those who are still employed aren’t certain how long they’ll be able to maintain their employment, and a lot of the nation’s traditional industries such as auto-manufacturing are going through some intense changes.

December 6th

Infographic: What's the Deal with Green Jobs?

The ‘What’s the Deal with Green Jobs” Infographic by Jobvine Jobs shows some very interesting statistics about green jobs!

Did you know??

You can earn more with a green job?
Green non-residential construction industry can potentially grow to a 145 billion dollar industry by 2015!
President Obama’s goal is to obtain 80% clean energy by 2035?
Green IT solutions are high on senior executives lists.
See what the top green companies in the US are doing!

December 5th

Find Green Career Opportunities Through Our New 'Green Jobs Board'

I am sure you have notices our new theme! To add to that we now have a Green Jobs Board for you all on the bottom-right side of all our pages this week. The system is specifically tailored to you all, but can be adjusted as time goes on to make it even more relevant.

If you’re looking for a job (or just curious), check it out and let us know if you have any feedback.

October 24th

Sustainable Economic Development? Green Jobs? Hawai'i? All in One Board Game!

Scott Cooney, resident of Hawai’i, founder of, and author of ‘Build a Green Small Business’ (McGraw-Hill), has created the ‘Green Economy Board Game’ that brings sustainable economic development, green job opportunities and Hawai’i all together!
This game makes sustainability come to life in a fun, interactive way. Players are investors looking to make more than just financial returns by helping local entrepreneurs in Hawai’i develop sustainability-oriented businesses like organic farms, geothermal plants, green building companies, solar installers, and bike shops. The game is ideal for those who are interested in sustainability as a better way to do business, and can be played by 2-6 players ages 13+.

September 9th