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The 5 Best Green Apps for your iPhone 7

There’s a lot going for the new iPhone 7. Apple claims that the iPhone 7 is the best they have brought out. The phone still has the same 4.7 and 5.5’’ screen sizes but there are some changes you’ll want to know about, apart from some trendy changes in colour schemes of the phone. Apart […]

August 25th

Clorox Launches Mobile App That Reveals Ingredients in its Products

The Clorox Company last week launched its new Ingredients Inside smartphone application and mobile website. Now smartphone users have immediate access to information about Clorox ingredients for their household and commercial disinfecting, cleaning and laundry products in the U.S. and Canada. Next Step? Explain how the ingredients affect planet and human health.

January 26th

Zipcar + iPhone = Smart Integration of Two Tools for One Big Result

Unless you’ve been laid up in bed all this week, you’ve heard that Apple is releasing a new iPhone 3G-S with an amazing array of features But one you may not have heard of is a brilliant bridging between the iPhone and Zipcar.

These two are as they say peas in a pod, technology enhanced life(style) enhancements, for a demographic that I imagine likes that they get to both have what they want, when they want it, and do good by the planet at the same time.

June 11th

The Quickest Way To Begin Greening Your House

Quick – What’s the easiest way to reduce your energy use and costs in your home? Better Insulation, perhaps? Solar panels on the roof? Microturbine on the lawn? All valid ways, but there’s an even more direct path. Your thermostat. If it’s more then an orange pointer to a temperature, in other words programmable, you […]

October 23rd

Erasing Electronics Buyer Remorse

Recycling as an everyday practice has become more and more common these days. But what about all those gadgets you accumulate? What happens to them? There are many options out there, but for most, they involve more cost, effort, and time then our busy schedules or motivation will allow. Sure, there are some newer options […]

June 12th