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Software That Saves Energy to Greenify Your Office

Faronics Power Save is a program that is made for businesses small and large that want to reduce their power consumption, saving money while doing their part for the environment. Although you can certainly make it company policy for employees to power down computers when they leave for the night, or request that they leave their electronics set so that they go into sleep mode when there is no activity for a set amount of time, it can be difficult to enforce such rules, especially in a large office with dozens or even hundreds of employees. But Faronics can help you here with software that monitors and regulates office electronics for you.

October 26th

Facebook Goes Green

Corporations often times leave us all thinking that they are the titans that will rule our world if we are not careful. In the case of Facebook, it has not been much of a target except for fears about its use of subscriber data. In a recent move the company announced that, inspired by the open source software model, they would initiate the Open Compute Project. After investing millions building a new data center in Prineville, Oregon the company announced all of the design specs for the data center. All of the specs were made public so others could easily emulate the data center, and it looks like Facebook is going green.

February 23rd

The Cloud: What Can It Do for Your Business?

Cloud computing is the rage these days. In simple terms it provides high-tech IT services, such as database, OS, and application servers on demand. What makes it so attractive is the fact that a small business, instead of having to maintain an IT staff, will just have to maintain a cloud system. They log into a […]

June 6th

19 Free (Green) Tools for Small Businesses

Another post inspired by a HARO request.  This time it was an ask for low or no-cost tools used by small businesses.  I did a quick search for the word “free” in my book and realized there are dozens.  Here are my 19 favorites: Free energy-efficiency information, resources, and technical advice—ENERGY STAR for Small Business […]

June 12th