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Crowdfunding Solar Power for the World’s Poorest People

In the developing world, finding a light in the darkness is not always easy or affordable. Sometimes the only available options are unhealthy and dangerous, such as burning kerosene, wood or coal. Other times, the only option is darkness. But you can’t fight Ebola in the dark. That’s where WakaWaka steps in. WakaWaka, which means […]

November 11th

These Hoppers Could Power Your Next Workout: Cricket Bars

If you weren’t raised eating bugs, errm, insects, the thought of crunching down on something that crawls out from under a log may not sound very appealing. But in many places around the world, protein is where you can find it, not just stuck between two buns at a burger joint, or packed into a […]

August 12th

Portable Vertical Wind Turbine Fits in a Backpack

For portable power, there are a bunch of options for small solar chargers, which can allow you to charge your mobile devices with the sun’s energy, but there aren’t too many options when it comes to using the wind to produce energy on a small scale. There is one small 15W vertical wind turbine, called […]

May 14th