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Food Start-up Cater2.Me Brings Local Flavor & Street Food to Office Catering, Promotes Customer Appreciation

Famed San Francisco and NYC food start-up is making it easy this season to give a shout out to your favorite start-ups – all while thanking family farmers. Founded in 2010, the company is dedicated to creating a lunch revolution by bringing the hottest new food trends to the company lunch table and making team meals a cultural food experience in the process.

December 7th

Crowdsourcing a Creative Enterprise: Workshops in NYC Oct 25-26 (Discount Coupon)

Ross Dawson, internationally recognized authority on crowdsourcing, will be leading workshops on crowdsourcing on Thursday, October 25 and Friday, October 26 in New York City.
The workshops are brought to you by Crowdsourcing Week, a global event focused on how groups of people known as “The Crowd” can make outstanding contributions through a collaborative business model at the enterprise level.

October 23rd

Why New York City Wants Cleanweb?

Mayor Bloomberg and NYC Digital produced the first ever City’s First-Ever sustainability hackathon – Reinvent Green – that took place July 30th – July 31st. This was part of the initiative to “RE-INVENT NYC.GOV” and encourage developers and designers to help transform New York City’s website.

Calling on the expertise, dedication and stamina of the talented technology and design community, the event included over a hundred developers and designers who put in 1000 hours of donated time to help build digital tools and applications to support New Yorkers in leading greener, greater lives.

July 11th

Love Tech and the Planet? Hit the Cleanweb Hackathon in NYC

The Cleanweb Hackathon’s 2nd edition is coming to NYC. The hackathon serves to demonstrate the impact of applying information technology to resource constraints.

“CleanWeb” is a category of clean technology that leverages the capability of the internet, social media, and mobile technologies to address resource constraints. The goal is to organize a competition to build apps and hacks exploiting new sustainable business models while leveraging the mobile and social web. The hackathon is an interesting concept that builds on creative thinking and information technology. The inaugural event in San Francisco drew over 100 participants and resulted in 14 cleanweb applications. And now the competition is coming to NYC!

January 17th

White Roof Project: Cools NYC One Roof At A Time

Urban cities are hot. They are full of heat-trapping tar, pavements and dark surfaces that absorb heat and increase ambient temperatures. This is called the Heat Island Effect and is responsible for increased urban temperatures compared to adjoining suburban areas. According to the EPA- black surfaces in the sun can become up to 70°F hotter than the most reflective white surfaces. The effects of the Urban Heat Island are obvious- higher energy use to cool this excess heat that leads to higher stress on the power grid and increased pollution. On a clear night, the temperature in a city with 1 million people or more can be up to 22°F hotter than nearby suburbs. One initiative in New York City is helping cool it down- by painting roofs white!

July 5th