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Green Business Ideas: Organic Food Delivery Service

Interest in eating healthier, and in supporting organic food producers and local farmers, is higher than ever before, so this green business idea capitalizes on that trend and helps to make it easier for people to eat organically grown and produced foods, without having to leave their house. If you love helping people to make […]

February 7th

Green To Grow On – An Obvious Conclusion

This of course leaves the deep green demographic in a quandary. What to do when your favorite green “hippie” brand goes mainstream? While this seems to be a question that marketers are pondering with great concern, I think it is perhaps overblown. There is a history of niche brands going mainstream. That’s more or less how this economy works. Smaller companies come up with great ideas. The idea gains traction. Big companies buy smaller companies in niche or start their own competition brand or small niche company hits the jackpot on their own and goes mainstream.

March 10th

Natural Products Going Strong – Report From Expo West – Part I – Distribution Strategies

I spent most of the last two days touring the exhibit hall at the Anaheim Convention Center, fighting crowds (an unusual occurrence these days) and marveling in how healthy the natural products industry still is. This is my second year at The Natural Products Expo West, one of the largest trade shows for the industry and it was, if possible even more crowded than last year.

March 7th

Organic And Natural – Still The Fastest Growing Segment?

Environmental Leader published an article today, Fast-Moving Eco-Friendly Consumer Goods Appeal to Many, noting the rapid increase in consumers purchasing organic and personal care products, natural foods and beverages. According to the report, over 1/3 of all consumers purchase goods in these categories. This makes it the fastest growing category of green products. This makes […]

October 7th

Worried About The High Cost Of Green Products? Inflation Will Help

One hurdle that many companies selling green goods face is convincing consumers to pay the difference between conventional and green or organic products. Recent health scares and increased interest in saving the planet aside, a recent article quoting a LOHAS survey states: …many consumers’ purchasing patterns are affected by the phenomenon of trading up: a […]

June 16th