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Eco-Eating Meets Foodie Culture

A series of new reports confirms an important trend for Organic and Natural products companies- yup – we’re going mainstream! The explosion of “Foodies” is driving an increased interest in natural and organic foods. As those interested in stretching their culinary horizons find both delicacies and the richer taste of sustainable food, the market has […]

September 12th

Green Product Labeling Laws

There has been a lot of hubbub lately about implementing laws that would require food manufacturers to label the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in their products. With the occurrence of food allergies on the rise, many consumers are starting to blame companies like Monsanto that claim to be making our food sources better by creating genetically modified plants that are resistant to things like bacteria, bugs, and fungus, just for example. But are they actually making our foods more difficult to digest?

October 29th

Grow Your Own Vegetables With Smart Gardener – Interview Part II

Smart Living Studios founder Kristee Rosendahl talks to Ecopreneurist about her newest offering Smart Gardener, an customizable online tool that helps newbies start their own vegetable garden – to enjoy and grow their own food.

Smart Gardener is a new SaaS productivity tool that enables enthusiastic gardeners to easily design, grow and harvest a successful organic vegetable garden.

February 7th

Grow Your Own Vegetables With Smart Gardener – Interview Part I

Smart Gardener is an internet based productivity tool that enables enthusiastic gardeners to easily design, grow and harvest a successful organic vegetable garden.

With all the ambiquity surrounding food these days, it seems most of the food we eat is manufactured not grown, leading us to question -where does our food really come from? In most cases, there is one conlcusion: to truly have complete control on what we eat- we need to grow our own food.

February 6th

Walmart Again Mislabels Pork as “Organic,” Shuts Down Stores in China

Wal-Mart stores in China have been mislabeling pork products as “organic,” even though the meat is not organic. This isn’t the first time Wal-Mart stores not only in China but the United States, as well, has mislabeled products as “organic,” so be sure to double-check organic products when buying them at Wal-Mart stores.

November 8th

ConAgra Suit Over "All Natural" Label on GMO Cooking Oils Highlights Greenwash

Most people know that there is nothing really natural about genetically modified organisms (GMO). Food giant ConAgra is in “hot oil” over claims that their line of cooking oils with GMO is labelled “all natural”. This suit has led to the bigger question mark and ongoing debate over food labeling and how consumers are misled on advertisement claims. Greenwashing claims on food labels are very prevalent making it very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. GMO products are suspicious at best with no proven studies that they pose no health risks with the debate is still strong on whether they harm human health.

August 29th

Chipotle: Building More Than Just Burritos!

Chipotle is committed to serving good food and is proud of it. They have a clear corporate responsibility or CSR policy-animals, people and environment. It all comes down to one simple sentence. Food with integrity.
Late last month Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) announced, that it expects to use more than 10 million pounds of produce from local farms this year, up from its 2010 goal of about 5 million pounds and their local produce will be grown on farms within 350 miles of the restaurants where it will be served.

July 7th

Sweetening the Palate with (Nearly) Guiltless Gourmet Chocolate

Courtesy of the Global Cocoa Project and Hub SoMa, I sampled about 20 different “eco chocolates” right before the Valentine’s Day weekend. Another key supporter of the event, Sweet Earth Chocolates, brought its cherry chipotle-truffle red foil-wrapped dark chocolate hearts to sample, as part of its ongoing Project Hope and Fairness (read more here) Tom Neuhaus is an […]

March 4th

Food Trucks: A Sustainable & Viable Business Strategy?

Following Shannon Suetos’s post on green restaurants, is another possibility for sustainable food business: food trucks? The concept of food trucks has been around since the 50’s but the gourmet food truck has gained in popularity only recently with the social media boom and extensive coverage through reality shows like The Great Food Truck Race. Food […]

January 20th

Green To Grow On – An Obvious Conclusion

This of course leaves the deep green demographic in a quandary. What to do when your favorite green “hippie” brand goes mainstream? While this seems to be a question that marketers are pondering with great concern, I think it is perhaps overblown. There is a history of niche brands going mainstream. That’s more or less how this economy works. Smaller companies come up with great ideas. The idea gains traction. Big companies buy smaller companies in niche or start their own competition brand or small niche company hits the jackpot on their own and goes mainstream.

March 10th

Site Lets Companies Jump Into the Green Game

For those seeking greener pastures and products, average consumers are finding it ever easier to jump right in. JumpGauge is an online tool allowing prospective buyers to assess and compare the environmental impacts of a growing number of products.  The site pairs seemingly common, everyday products with icons that denote their uncommon stewardship of the environment.  […]

February 19th

ECOpreneurial Enterprises Thrive: Small Potatoes Urban Delivery

While the U.S. Congress and President Obama attempt to jump-start the economy (the destructive “growth” one, not the nature-based, restoration ECOnomy) by spending hundreds of billions of dollars they don’t even have, many ecopreneurs and the green businesses they manage continue to prosper in the restoration ECOnomy. True, some of the proposed Federal spending will […]

February 11th