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CleanTech Mixer in San Francisco! Apply to Demo Your Product

Parisoma’s CleanTech Mixer in San Francisco is bringing together startups envisioning a cleaner, more sustainable future. Each month a different industry is in focus and about 15 startups are invited to showcase their product and vision for a better future. Themes range from CleanTech and Gaming to The Future of the City. Don’t get left out of the conversation between hundreds of founders, VCs, startups, journalists and industry professionals.

April 23rd

Cleanweb Hackathon Showcases 'World Changing' Apps in 30 Hours: Final Results

The Cleanweb Hackathon concluded last night with 14 teams taking center-stage to showcase mobile and web apps that could help us, in their own small ways, manage resources more efficiently. The teams worked through the weekend and developed some “awesome” that creator Sunil Paul, pointed out as one of the most important features of cleanweb. How do you identify “cleanweb”? Acording to Sunil, it will demonstrate-

#1 Extensive use of information technology (duh)
#2 Makes things more efficient; allows better use of resources
#3 Makes life more AWESOME!

That’s exactly what the teams set out to do. Developers, designers, and business folks collaborating on building apps as diverse as ones that bring together backyard urban farmers (GROmunity) or a green life cycle analysis tool that small businesses and artisans can use to analyse and put on their green products (Greenly).

September 12th

Cleanweb Hackathon, San Francisco: Hacking Continues, Results Soon!

The first ever Cleanweb Hackathon opened in San Francisco with over 175 registrants for 100 seats. I call that resounding!! Sunil Paul, the brainchild behind the Hackathon, founding director of Spring Ventures and avid clean-tech proponent was excited as he blogged live from the event:

“Writing live from @PariSOMA at the Cleanweb Hackathon. Super exciting the level of engagement. We are SOLD OUT. Over 175 registrants for 100 seats. About a third are developers. The balance are business and UIUX folks. In the next 24 hours, we’re hoping to see some interesting apps come out of this hackathon.”

The hacking begun yesterday and will continue today till 3pm pacific time, with winners being announced tonight. Who is going to win over $5,000 worth of prizes and bragging rights to the first-ever clean tech app competition? Stay tuned for the results!

September 11th