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7 Steps to Tell Your Green Business Story in a Changing World

Everybody loves a good story, but story telling isn’t just for bedtime and movies. Story telling is an essential skill for businesses of all colors, including the green ones.
In the world of corporate communications and marketing, stories are used to sell without looking like we are selling. Green businesses are no different when it comes to marketing their business with stories, working their stories into their communications from social networking to ads to press releases to blogs. The good news is that green businesses have so many great stories to tell, stories about their commitment to building a better and brighter world through sustainability.

August 17th

Jeffrey Hollender & Seventh Generation: Lessons Learned at the End of a Chapter

Jeffrey Hollender was unceremoniously ousted from Seventh Generation, a company he founded and worked tirelessly at for 23 years. There was much speculation about the entire episode when his profile disappeared from the company website and Ecopreneurist covered the story under “Managing and Disclosing at 7th Generation: Where’s Jeffrey Hollender?” More controversy followed when there […]

June 27th

Green Marketing Strategy in Two Easy Steps

Businesses around the world are infinite in their variety, but there’s one thing they all have in common: they need customers. Even better, profitable customers. Your green business may have a unique level of commitment to sustainability, but you still need customers just like every other business. How do you get them? Here’s how you can connect with the green market in two easy steps.

June 27th

You Are What You Tweet

{From the editor: This guest post by John Friedman, was originally published on Vault’s CSR Blog: In Good Company. With the ballooning use of social media to market personal and product branding, comes responsibility. John reminds us that, “We are what we tweet.”} In light of the scandal around Congressman Weiner’s social media ‘activities’ which […]

June 19th

Seventh Generation & Jeffrey Hollender: A Case Study in Online Crisis Communications

This is cross-posted at Seventh Generation has announced on its blog, Twitter stream and FaceBook page that “co-founder Jeffrey Hollender’s employment relationship with the company has ended.” The announcement, on November 10th,  came eight days after the news broke on Marc Gunther’s blog, more than two weeks after employees were informed that the board […]

November 15th

PR Tip of the Day: HARO

Looking for another good PR tip? I know I may late to the game, but a friend just told me about Peter Shankman’s site HARO. HARO (an acronym for Help A Reporter Out) is a site that publishes by email (and Twitter when “urgent”) requests from reporters for expert advice. You receive one to two emails a day […]

April 23rd

Junxion Strategy: Green marketing grows up

By Contributing Writer Melissa Chungfat | Part of Green Printer‘s ‘Design Goes Green’ dispatch. Thanks to blogs, websites, Facebook, and the ever-growing list of social media tools, people have the ability and power to educate themselves about anything they please. It is harder for companies to get away with lies about their products and misleading […]

March 18th

GreenSource: A Showcase for the Green Building Industry

GreenSource (promises every other monthly green building case studies, policy updates and technical features. It is a valuable a community for both buyers and suppliers. Buyers have a resource for what’s new in green building solutions, so if you are doing any remodeling or expansion, there is lots of good information. Suppliers have both a targeted advertising and PR vehicle. Free press is worth its weight in gold.

February 2nd

Marketplace Radio Show Wants to Hear from Green Businesses

Marketplace Radio wants to hear from green business owners about how they are doing in the down economy.  Looking at their Web survey form, it seems that they are looking for companies to feature in stories as much as they are in taking the pulse of green business at the moment. Perhaps it is an […]

November 11th

How to Write a Press Release In The Internet Age

As a blogger and freelance journalist, I receive several to many press releases a day, promoting all sorts of products, web sites and events. As a marketing consultant, I write press releases for my clients and struggle with the time and energy that goes into creating something which, well… often isn’t read. Silicon Valley Watcher, […]

April 11th