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The HUB comes to Honolulu

This is part of a series of articles written about Envision Hawaii, Honolulu’s monthly First Tuesday gathering that showcases the coolest, greenest goings-on in the emerald of the Pacific. Ecopreneurist is proud to be the official media sponsor of Envision Hawaii….see previous Envision Hawaii articles and speakers here.  The green coworking space known as the […]

June 4th

Food Start-up Cater2.Me Brings Local Flavor & Street Food to Office Catering, Promotes Customer Appreciation

Famed San Francisco and NYC food start-up is making it easy this season to give a shout out to your favorite start-ups – all while thanking family farmers. Founded in 2010, the company is dedicated to creating a lunch revolution by bringing the hottest new food trends to the company lunch table and making team meals a cultural food experience in the process.

December 7th

Call for Applications: Acterra’s 2013 Business Environmental Awards

Acterra, an environmental non-profit organization located in Silicon Valley, CA, is accepting applications for its 2013 Business Environmental Awards. All businesses and public agencies located in the following Bay Area counties are eligible to apply: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz County. Non-profits may also apply if environmental work is not their central mission.

This year’s categories are: Environmental Project, Environmental Innovation, Sustainable Built Environment, and the Acterra Award for Sustainability.

November 19th

Urban Prototyping San Francisco: Design For Public Space Contest. Apply now!

Calling designers, architects, artists, makers, coders, activists — lift your city UP! Do you see the public realm as a canvas? Do you have a design or technology project that could transform the way people experience the city? Bring your projects to life at San Francisco’s Urban Prototyping (UP) Festival – you’ll get a materials stipend, a downtown street exhibition, and a chance to change cities forever through your work.

August 13th

Trendy Lime Shows It Cares: Chic JETLAG Event is a Fundraiser for

Trendy Lime has long been the go-to social networking event planner for young successful jetsetters in San Francisco and other points around the world. But Trendy Lime isn’t just about being chic and fashionable — the company also likes to support a good cause. Trendy Lime is a for profit company that partners with social enterprises and nonprofits to incorporate social good into their events. On June 14, Trendy Lime’s signature social networking event JETLAG will celebrate its 2nd Anniversary with a party that will also act as a fundraiser for

June 13th

CleanTech Mixer in San Francisco! Apply to Demo Your Product

Parisoma’s CleanTech Mixer in San Francisco is bringing together startups envisioning a cleaner, more sustainable future. Each month a different industry is in focus and about 15 startups are invited to showcase their product and vision for a better future. Themes range from CleanTech and Gaming to The Future of the City. Don’t get left out of the conversation between hundreds of founders, VCs, startups, journalists and industry professionals.

April 23rd

Love Tech and the Planet? Hit the Cleanweb Hackathon in NYC

The Cleanweb Hackathon’s 2nd edition is coming to NYC. The hackathon serves to demonstrate the impact of applying information technology to resource constraints.

“CleanWeb” is a category of clean technology that leverages the capability of the internet, social media, and mobile technologies to address resource constraints. The goal is to organize a competition to build apps and hacks exploiting new sustainable business models while leveraging the mobile and social web. The hackathon is an interesting concept that builds on creative thinking and information technology. The inaugural event in San Francisco drew over 100 participants and resulted in 14 cleanweb applications. And now the competition is coming to NYC!

January 17th

Business Buzz: McDonald's to Charge for Happy Meal Toys to Evade San Francisco Ban

A new law comes into effect in San Francisco today: One that law bans toy giveaways in kids’ meals high in fat, salt and sugar. The Healthy Food Incentives Ordinance was passed by the Board of Supervisors last fall. Chain restaurants no longer will be able to give away free toys with Happy Meals and other children’s meals that don’t meet the city’s strict nutritional standards. But, McDonald owners in the San Francisco area have come up with a crafty way to evade the law.

December 1st

Cleanweb Hackathon Showcases 'World Changing' Apps in 30 Hours: Final Results

The Cleanweb Hackathon concluded last night with 14 teams taking center-stage to showcase mobile and web apps that could help us, in their own small ways, manage resources more efficiently. The teams worked through the weekend and developed some “awesome” that creator Sunil Paul, pointed out as one of the most important features of cleanweb. How do you identify “cleanweb”? Acording to Sunil, it will demonstrate-

#1 Extensive use of information technology (duh)
#2 Makes things more efficient; allows better use of resources
#3 Makes life more AWESOME!

That’s exactly what the teams set out to do. Developers, designers, and business folks collaborating on building apps as diverse as ones that bring together backyard urban farmers (GROmunity) or a green life cycle analysis tool that small businesses and artisans can use to analyse and put on their green products (Greenly).

September 12th

Cleanweb Hackathon, San Francisco: Hacking Continues, Results Soon!

The first ever Cleanweb Hackathon opened in San Francisco with over 175 registrants for 100 seats. I call that resounding!! Sunil Paul, the brainchild behind the Hackathon, founding director of Spring Ventures and avid clean-tech proponent was excited as he blogged live from the event:

“Writing live from @PariSOMA at the Cleanweb Hackathon. Super exciting the level of engagement. We are SOLD OUT. Over 175 registrants for 100 seats. About a third are developers. The balance are business and UIUX folks. In the next 24 hours, we’re hoping to see some interesting apps come out of this hackathon.”

The hacking begun yesterday and will continue today till 3pm pacific time, with winners being announced tonight. Who is going to win over $5,000 worth of prizes and bragging rights to the first-ever clean tech app competition? Stay tuned for the results!

September 11th

The Cleanweb Hackathon Invites Innovative Minds to Do Social Good Via Technology

The CleanWeb Hackathon is an upcoming gathering (September 10 & 11th) in San Francisco to demonstrate the impact of applying information technology to resource constraints. The goal is to organize a competition to build apps and hacks exploiting new sustainable business models while leveraging the mobile and social web. The hackathon is an interesting concept that builds on creative thinking and information technology.
The hackathon challenge attendees on what they can do in 24 hours with utility, transport and smart grid datasets that might just change the world just a little bit. At the end of a marathon hack session, teams will demo their apps and hacks for the audience and a group of select judges. It’s a fantastic opportunity to develop something great, learn about CleanWeb and meet like minds.

September 5th

TWTRCON Speakers Include Real-Time Business Innovators

On November 18, 2010 in San Francisco, TWTRCON, a one-day conference with a focus” on the business use of real-time technologies,” will have social media practitioners from leading brands and from small businesses, technology innovators and cutting-edge startups. The line-up includes: Corporate SM gurus: Ford Motor Company’s Scott Monty and Southwest Airlines’ Linda Rutherford Real-time […]

October 22nd

San Francisco Businesses Get Ten Thousand Dollars for Solar

As we end the year, I’m looking back at 2008 and am happy to see that some good things did happen this year. In addition to Federal subsidies for renewable energy purchases being renewed and even increased, cities governments also stepped up with programs to support cleaner energy adoption. On September 30, 2008, City Solar […]

December 23rd

Green Brings in the Green: Eco-Consumers Go Wild

Even the most eco-conscious of you have to buy something. But how much “green buying” is helping the cause, and when is a little moderation called for? The number of booths, and retailers and products at the Green Festival in San Francisco was truly overwhelming. The loot attendees carted away had people listing to one […]

November 15th