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How to Find Your Social Entrepreneurship Soul

These days, it seems as if everyone with a business idea that has an angle that could possibly benefit society or the environment or the underprivileged or under-served in some way describes themselves as social entrepreneurs. But is that really the case? Some might argue that unless there’s a very strong case for social good […]

January 9th

Social Entrepreneurship Incubator SEED SPOT Seeks Applicants

For budding social entrepreneurs seeking mentorship, access to venture capital, office space, and a rigorous curriculum designed to launch a successful business with a social impact, a social entrepreneurship incubator is now taking applications to participate in a 16 week program. “SEED SPOT believes in the power of social entrepreneurs to tackle major human, environmental, […]

January 6th

Crowdfunding a Social or Eco Enterprise? Get Featured!

Got a great green, eco, or social entrepreneurship project that you’re using crowdfunding to get off the ground? We can help you get a boost in exposure and funding by featuring your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdfunding platform project here for some extra attention. So go ahead and send us that email. But first, some […]

January 3rd

iDiya Challenge Boosts Indian Social Entrepreneurship

To help develop the fledgling social entrepreneurship movement in India, a student-driven initiative from the Indian School of Business is working to develop high impact self-sustaining social businesses through an annual social venture competition called iDiya. “iDiya is ISB’s national Social Venture Ideas Competition. It was conceived in 2009 at the Indian School of Business […]

November 29th

Hiking Hawaii Cafe: Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Marketing Model (Interview)

I’ve always been impressed by companies that are really innovative and creative with their green marketing. Hiking Hawaii Cafe is a great example. The cafe serves a lot of healthy, vegetarian, and local options, organic coffee, and fruit smoothies and juices. In that way, it’s a lot like many other little green cafes–the type of […]

September 24th

The SocialPreneur Movement

The SocialPreneur, or social entrepreneur, movement is all about being a socially conscious professional. This person recognizes needs within society and uses their reach in the business world to make positive changes, especially in their own community. A SocialPreneur has an interesting role in both business and society, they are making a difference while making a profit – these two can be directly or indirectly connected depending on the nature of their work.

November 28th

NURU Energy Provides Cheap, Efficient Night Lighting to Rwanda and Promotes Social Entrepreneurs

NURU Energy is replacing expensive, dangerous, and unhealthy kerosene in rural Rwandan households by introducing a cheap, safe, and clean night lighting solution, known as the NURU Light. The poor’s sources of energy are dirty and inefficient, and on a per-kilowatt basis they cost anywhere from 5-100 times more than modern fuels and electricity. The paradox is that the poor are spending a disproportionate share of their income on a product that richer people can get cheaper and of high quality.
The NURU light is multifunctional, modular, efficient, bright and durable. It can be recharged in a number of ways – using pedal power, power grid or through a solar charger. The distribution model is based on helping local residents to start small businesses that rent out and recharge lights. NURU’s practice is to partner with micro lenders — financial institutions that make small loans to citizens— in order to teach and help would-be entrepreneurs become NURU franchisees.

October 18th

The method method: A Cleaner Clean, Design + Innovation and Just Plain Weird

How did method, in 10 years, turn the cleaning business industry upside down, redefine cleaners and set new standards for cleaning supplies?

Eric and Adam reveal their successes are tied to their obsessions! They talk about the method story in a book they released this week called ‘The method method’ (an excellent read that is both humorous and gripping). They call these core strategeies “obsessions” because they realize that unless you are obsessed about your business values and practices, they could fade away as your business grows.

September 23rd

Amusing Ourselves to Wealth

One of the greatest challenges for the upcoming generation of leaders, active citizens, and responsible adults is to figure ways to reclaim balanced lifestyles from a contrived system of over-consumption, credit card debt, and unsustainable, unhealthy choices. Luckily, this generation is equipped with visionary and innovative solution-making skills, that combine contemporary thought and respect for […]

July 6th

Green Business Opportunities for Aspiring Eco-Entrepreneurs

Ecopreneurist does a terrific job of educating the public about green business, especially startups.  My own personal blog,, has a variety of pages that also address this topic, though with woefully less information and diversity, since it is only my blog, and doesn’t have the wealth of writers associated with Ecopreneurist. But the interesting […]

July 31st

Greenfox Schools: Greening the Obama Generation

Green Businesses are hotter than ever and even in the worst of economies, Ecopreneurs are looking for ways to get get funded and bring their dreams to fruition. However when it comes to the business of K-12 education, it can be challenging to get the show on the road. It helps of course to have a solid business plan and passion to carry out your mission.

Ecopreneurist recently had the opportunity to interview Kristen von Hoffmann, the president and founder of Greenfox Schools an environmental consulting company that partners provides schools with cutting edge environmental techology, products and progarms to help them go green. A member of K-12 Sector Team for the U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development, Kristen bases her company on the Greenfox5, a strategy she developed that defines the five main functional points of optimization for any building as Energy, Waste Disposal, Food, Products, and Greenspace. Passionate about her mission, read what she had to say.

January 28th

The Next Green Building Material: Loofah?!

Look in your bathroom. Got a loofah in there? Ever used one? You know, like a sea sponge? Now think about it being used for building houses. Huh!? This is exactly what’s happening right now in Paraguay. Elsa Aldivar, a social activist teamed up with Pedro Padros, an industrial engineer to make this happen. It […]

December 11th

Eco Book Review: The Power of Unreasonable People

Business books by and about eco-entrepreneurs are all the rage these days. Biographies of newly famous entrepreneurs vie with “How to” books on greening your business to get your attention. The Power of Unreasonable People: How Social Entrepreneurs Create Markets That Change the World, by John Elkington and Pamela Hartigan, takes a slightly different tack […]

February 28th