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A Truly Affordable Solar Light Bulb

For the millions of people living in energy poverty around the world, lighting their homes or businesses after dark is a tricky proposition. Many times, the only way they can have access to light is through burning dirty fuels, such as kerosene, which is not only unhealthy when burned indoors, but can also be dangerous […]

October 17th

How to Make a Solar Light Bulb? 1 Million Homes Lit Up by Liter of Light

A Solar Light Bulb can bring easy day-lighting impoverished housing developments around the world. Millions of people in developing countries live in temporary settlements that are so close to each other that they lack adequate lighting even during the day. Electricity is not an option for many and they resort to kerosene, candles, or inventive wiring for light, […]

December 5th

An Innovative and Cheap ‘Solar Bottle Bulb’ Solution Lights Homes in Manila

Thousands of poor homes in Manila have a problem, not uncommon for cramped and small settlements. These houses are so close together, with metal roofing that all the light is blocked off and no light reaches the homes even during daylight!

The solar bottle bulb, an innovation developed by students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, inspired by the Appropriate Technologies Collaborative, is helping poor communities in developing countries like Brazil and Philippines through simple and appropriate innovation.

What is the Solar Light Bulb?
It is a simple bottle bulb, usually a 1 liter soda bottle that is filled with a solution of purified water and bleach. The bottle is inserted halfway through a hole drilled in the metal roof and its sides are sealed. The whole deal looks like a bulb through a sunroof and provides a good amount of light by deflecting sunlight into gloomy interiors.

September 14th