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Smart Tools for Entrepreneurs

There are so many start up success stories, but behind each startup are dozens of smart tools that can help all of us succeed. We’ve gathered some of the best tools to help budding (or established) entrepreneurs become more productive and help boost their success. How big is the startup culture? Fortune reports, “In 2013, venture capitalists […]

September 4th

When Launching a Startup, Location Matters

For some types of ventures, the location can make a big difference in their success, and it’s not only relevant in real estate and brick and mortar businesses, but many other kinds of startups as well. Factors such as the tax rate, the cost of living, and the available workforce, among others, can affect how […]

December 18th

How to Build a Startup: Free Course

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur (or a serial entrepreneur looking to up your game), instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with your startup, you’ll be much better off learning from the successes (and failures) of others, and there’s a free course at Udacity designed to give you the tools to build a successful startup. […]

April 7th

How to Keep Your Startup Afloat with Smooth Scaling

Visionary startups are always talking about breaking the mold, shaking things up, or leaving the world a different place from the way they found it. That kind of passion is perfectly fine, encouraging even, but at some point a business owner needs to know what they are able to do versus what they want to […]

April 1st

Starting an eco-friendly landscape maintenance business in arid climates

If you live in an area that doesn’t naturally get a lot of rain, odds are, your neighbors are spending a lot of money trying to keep a lush green grass growing where, well, it shouldn’t be. If you’re a regular Ecopreneurist reader, you are probably immediately viewing this scenario as an opportunity to help […]

September 10th

NeighborFavor: Share Chores with Your Friends and Community

NeighborFavor believes people can be more efficient if they collaborate on daily tasks with their neighbors. It is a real-world social network app for getting stuff done.

You’ve probably asked your co-workers and friends a million times, “I’m headed out for lunch; can I pick anything up for you?” NeighborFavor allows you to do just that, but straight from your iPhone. You can share when you’re out and about and nearby people can ask you for a favor. It’s easy to get reimbursed since payment is cashless and handled through the app.

January 7th

Crowdfunding Innovator Return on Change Announces Startup Contest Winners

Crowdfunding innovator Return on Change (RoC) today announced the winners of its startup contest. The judges selected Maya Mountain Cacao, Sentimed Medical Corporation and Thankster as the winners representing high impact startups from RoC’s categories of Social Ventures, Bio/Med Tech, and Web Tech.

Return on Change (RoC) connects innovative startups and investors who are looking to change tomorrow’s world today. Entrepreneurs with great ideas need capital funding to jumpstart their businesses, and investors are looking to help fund the next big idea. RoC provides the online medium through which startup companies and entrepreneurs will be able to pool capital through crowdsourcing.

August 29th

Start Now: Social Platform for Singapore and Asia Matches Volunteers to Non-Profits

With the conclusion of Startup at Singapore, the biggest winner of the Startup at Singapore finals was a social volunteering platform called START NOW. This social volunteering platform which connects volunteers from schools, corporate organizations, and the public to non-profits that need help.

June 21st

Who’s Competing in the Cleantech Challenge Mexico 2012?

Mexico’s most important cleantech competition officially launched nearly a month ago, and after over 30 hours of business training in seminars and workshops, the 128 green entrepreneurs presented their business models during the first elimination round.

June 13th

Cleantech Startup Accelerator 'Greenstart' Begins Second Program For Eco-entrepreneurs

Greenstart, the first startup accelerator exclusively designed for the cleantech industry, begins its second accelerator program today with a new cadre of companies under a tightened focus. Today also marks the launch of Greenstart’s new in-house design practice, which will provide product, service and brand design for startups selected for its 3-month accelerator programs.

February 13th

1E: Pioneers in Green IT & Power Management

1E is a wonderful success story of a tech company with humble beginnings but deep-rooted green values. 1E was formed back in 1997 by Sumir Karayi, Mark Blackburn and Phil Wilcock who got together whilst working at Microsoft. With many years of experience working with blue chip companies they saw a need to reduce the […]

February 21st