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10 Hot Tips for Harried Salespeople/CEOs

Many people will find themselves at the helm of a business. This can mean making it where you are calling the shots in terms of day-to-day operations as well as making sure that all advertising is on track for the company. This can be a lot to juggle. While it is manageable for a while, […]

September 17th

The "Top 10 Greening Tips" Myth

Yet again, a LinkedIn question (asking for top 10 greening tips) got me thinking.  Is there really a thing such as a generic list of top 10 tips for greening? I don’t think so. As a start, the foundation of a green program lies in what a business is already doing. Do you recycle? Do […]

September 2nd

5 Tips for Fortunate Ecopreneurs

Are you fed up with the Fed (Federal Reserve System) and Treasury Secretary, or growing weary working at a job for someone else’s dream and financial benefit? I was, before I launched by own dream green business and starting making time to smell the flowers and eat the strawberry. Here are 5 tips to start […]

December 17th

Three, fresh ways to green your supply chain – better and faster

We saw Wal-Mart, a company with worldwide-wide revenues only second to Exxon-Mobile, signal last week in Beijing that it is moving away from “intermittent transactions with many suppliers toward longer-term arrangements with a smaller group of manufacturers“. Then, this week in the news, IBM starts on a roll to eliminate the ‘burden’ of paper — […]

October 29th

Eco-Entrepreneurs Are Talking About: Greening Your Office

This post is the first in a series of roundups I’ll be doing featuring articles from our community journals and forums. To create your own journal click on the “Get a Journal Now” button at Green Options. com. To contribute to our forums, click on the “community” tab on the top right side of the […]

April 8th

CEO War Stories: Inside a Green IPO – Day4 Energy

Uber heavy hitter John Macdonald, Chairman and CEO of the Vancouver-based solar energy company Day4 Energy, recipient of eight honourary degrees and former MIT professor, knows a thing or two about renewable energy. He also readily admits, with a signature askew smile and hearty laugh, that “being an academic is possibly the worst possible preparation […]

March 29th