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Xtracycle’s EdgeRunner Could be the Ultimate in Urban Cargo Bikes

One of the most sustainable forms of transportation that we have is the humble bicycle, as it’s efficient, affordable, and doesn’t require any type of fossil fuels to operate. But one major drawback to using bicycles for everyday transportation is their lack of flexibility for carrying different sizes and shapes of loads (including passengers), which […]

March 3rd

Green Business Ideas: Pedicab Company

If you love riding your bike, interacting with people, and being able to work outside and set your own hours, then one green business idea to consider is starting a pedicab company. Depending on your location, a pedicab ride can appeal to customers in different ways, whether it’s being able to choose a fossil-fuel-free form […]

January 30th

Better Place Electric Charging Stations Provide Stable Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

In order for EVs to provide a “no compromise” solution, they need to deliver the same freedom to go anywhere that drivers of combustion engine cars enjoy today.

Long battery recharge times are a matter of physics. Even as batteries and charging infrastructure improve, using EVs for long journeys will require a way to quickly and reliably extend the range provided by a battery.

February 9th

ECOtality and Nissan to get $100M from Department of Energy

[social_buttons] The Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation (eTec), a subsidiary of ECOtality, Inc. and Nissan North America win a $99.8M grant from the Department of Energy to support the largest deployment of electrical vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure in U.S. history. The project will use Nissan’s LEAF, an early stage zero-emission EV to study and develop the logistics and necessary […]

August 6th

10 Green Ways To Cut Business Costs

Last week BusinessWeek published an article: 10 Ways To Cut Business Costs and I was pleased to see that four of the 10 were also green. It gave me the idea to write about green ways to cut costs in these difficult times. Starting with the four cited in BW, here are some ideas: Reduce […]

March 12th