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Turning Organic Waste into Electricity with Bacteria

Could cities take one of their standard infrastructure processes, wastewater treatment, and not only reduce the freshwater inputs, but also convert it into a source of renewable energy, as well as reclaim the water and other chemicals that make up municipal wastewater? If Pilus Energy has anything to do with it, it’s not only possible, […]

November 25th

Panel Discussion: Compatibility Between Recycling and Waste-to-Energy, July 17

Recycling is a growing sector with an estimated potential for the creation of 1.5 million new jobs in the United States alone. The second panel discussion from Waste Wise explores how recycling potential can be increased, and the compatibility¬†between recycling efforts and waste-to-energy programs. Waste-to-Energy addresses the need for society to address its energy demands […]

July 15th

Re-Nuble: Crowdfunding Local Solutions for Food Waste and Energy Problems

Re-Nuble, a social enterprise is crowdfunding a campaign to develop local, community based recycling facilities. These facilities have a three-fold advantage- they help divert organic waste from landfills, convert it into compost and fertilizer for sustainable farming and generate renewable energy for communities. It is dedicated to redefining how the world generates energy, cultivates food, and manages the waste it produces. Are you in?

December 3rd

Can A Landfill Generate Renewable Energy in its Afterlife?

Landfills are eyesores but they present a harsh reality of our wasteful ways. Even though we all are recycling like never before, what happens to all those acres of land that are now- landfills. I came across a great video that talks about how landfill owners are now installing solar panels on the acres of barren land devoid of trees.

April 4th