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This App Puts 12,000 Wind Farms at Your Fingertips

For the wind-curious and the renewable energy enthusiast, a new app puts over 12,000 wind farms at your fingertips, displaying specs, stats, and even pictures of the wind turbines. Wind farms, as an effective source for clean renewable power, are a key component in the move toward a more sustainable energy infrastructure, and can be […]

June 3rd

Portable Vertical Wind Turbine Fits in a Backpack

For portable power, there are a bunch of options for small solar chargers, which can allow you to charge your mobile devices with the sun’s energy, but there aren’t too many options when it comes to using the wind to produce energy on a small scale. There is one small 15W vertical wind turbine, called […]

May 14th

Blowin In The Wind

This is the first in a series of environmentally focused cartoons we wil be featuring from Seppo Leinonen a cartoonist from Finland. I met Seppo through Twitter @sepponet and loved his business oriented green cartoons – I think you will too!

May 31st

Renewable Energy, Obama And The Credit Crunch

[social_buttons]The Washington Post brings to light just how big an impact Obama’s pledge will have for renewable energy companies. We’re already seeing high profile interest in funding entrepreneurs in solar, wind and alternative energy; early next year we could see a boom! President-elect Barack Obama wants the nation to derive 10 percent of its electricity […]

November 30th