“Big Success” Comes from Simple Inventions: HIDEAGATE Home Solutions

Keeping your family and pets safe and secure is of utmost importance in any home.

When Drew Walling, a homebuilder based in Texas, needed a solution to keep his black labrador pup out of different rooms, he decided those flimsy plastic gates were not the solution that he wanted. So he found an engineering-minded partner, and together they created a collapsable gate that keeps a doorway or stairwell gated when needed, but disappears when you don’t want to see it.

When HIDEAGATE was born, Walling thought it would just be a solution for his own home – he didn’t yet see the wide-ranging possibilities of this sleek in-home gate solution. But as more and more people saw his invention, they got curious. Since 2015, HIDEAGATE has been a separate business, and in the coming years they envision “big success” for their company.

Like most entrepreneurs, Walling is “rolling the dice” when it comes to pursuing HIDEAGATE. While it was once a side project, he’s now put his construction business on the side and is going to focus on helping his new company thrive.

The HIDEAGATE Solution

The HIDEAGATE indoor gate is a sleek steel structure, and is as high-quality as it is functional. Other gates tend to be just balanced or tightened to a wall, leaving marks in the paint or wallpaper. While these plastic or wood solutions are mostly reliable, they are often bulky and hard to work with.

HIDEAGATE is built into the wall for ease of retractability. This means it works for both remodels and new builds. It’s made from 14-gauge steel tubing and is powder coated. It can be installed alone or in conjunction with a pocket door or a swinging door, and comes in a range of sizes to install on a 2’x4′ or 2’x6’ walls.

Using HIDEAGATE means that your kids and/or pets can be safely cordoned off without feeling separated, but when not in use it is not seen, thus does not interfere with décor. The cost for this simple built-in solution is $850. You can learn more about their plans for integrating HIDEAGATE into the home here.

To learn more about this product, watch the installation video here:

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